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For the last 20 years my husband and I have grown all our own vegetables, gathered our meat and fruit (berries) from the land around us.  It's a lot of work, with great rewards. 

We hope to inspire others to grow and preserve more of their food.

We hope our experiences and mistakes can help you grow more of your own food successfully.

Alaska has a reputation as a great place to visit, a place of awe inspiring landscapes and wildlife;

but not the ideal place to grow a garden.

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are challenges. 

Poor soils, temperature extremes, wind and rain, slugs, dry spells possibly accompanied by smoke...

Or a moose devouring your peas and cabbage.

However, please remember, Northern gardeners are granted several big benefits:

1.  Long summer days are an incredible asset translating into rapid growth of leaf mass.

2.  There are far fewer pests than in warmer climates.

3.  Many of the crops we can grow store easily for long periods of time.

Growing a garden that gives good yields takes a lot of work no matter where you are located.

Growing in the far North we have the advantage that leafy greens and cabbage family plants thrive here. 

These are some of the most health promoting plants we can be eating.

And you don't have to limit yourself to just eating them in the summer. 

Throughout history, humans adapted to seasonsal variability of foods by an array of techniques. 

Modern convenience give us access to all of these options: 

fermentation, canning, blanching, pickling, drying, freezing, and root cellaring.

I have lived in Alaska (with my husband) for the last 20 years-- growing and preserving all the vegetables and fruit (berries and apples) we eat in a year. 

Growing, gathering, and preserving one's own food is a lot of work but I believe it is also one of the most rewarding things anyone can do.

Every meal is an opportunity to remember our connection with our food, and the land around us.

To feel appreciation for the amazing power of a seed to transform to our energy and health.

Statistics report that 90-95% of the food consumed in Alaska is shipped from other places.

Over time my goal is to help change these statistics.  For all of our health!


Remember a time when you had more energy?

Or you could eat anything?

Or felt mentally nimble enough to keep track of all kinds of appointments and details? 

Symptoms that accumulate slowly over time, can be perplexing as there may be nothing medically wrong.

Your doctor may feel that you are healthy and routine lab tests show nothing to be alarmed at

yet you know that you have felt better and want to feel that way again. 

If eating well, getting the most nutrition from good quality food and being physically well and active are important to you then perhaps its time to look more deeply at factors that may be creating less than optimal health for you.

 I can't make you 20 again, however, I can help improve your quality of life.

Over time many of us have made choices that compromised  our health in order to just get through certain periods of life.

Doing the things you decided were important likely pushed the limits, cumulatively depleting your reserves.

For instance, skipping meals in order to get tasks done can cause distress to multiple body sytems leading to

symptom like fatigue, blood sugar highs and lows, to brain fog, and insomnia.

Perhaps its time to re-evaluate your goals and rebalance your body.  

Are you ready to feel empowered to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices?

Are you ready to re-invest in your health?

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