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J Landry2018/02/18

Global CO2 affecting crop nutrient density and human metabolism?

I was just sent this article The Great Nutrient Collapse featured in Politico Magazine that brings together so much about what I am seeing clinically in human health.  Even people that are eating "healthy" are increasingly experiencing nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, metabolic disruption via glucose dysregulation and/or thyroid imbalances.  And I keep thinking, WHY??

Health professionals have been grappling to understand the causes and we end up generically saying it is seems that multiple factors are depleting human vitality and health as the our soils our crops in today have poorer nutrient profiles than in decades past, the introduction of GMO's to our food supply has uncertain ramifications, environmental toxins ranging from chemicals, plastics to mercury in our fish abound... inevitably unavoidable and affecting even the healthiest health puritans-- burdening our  bodies on a cellular response level and our overall detoxification capacity.

This article introduces a whole new idea:  that elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are changing the most basic metabolic functions of plants and essentially shifting plant based foods we grow today more towards the spectrum of "junk foods" with higher sugar content and lower nutrient profiles (ie protein, zinc, iron etc), than those of yesteryear, as a response to increasing carbon dioxide levels.

This is another disturbing insight into climate change perils and how all living things on this planet are so intricately intertwined.

My study of hydroponics has proven unsettling as "controlled environment urban farming" markets itself as the green wave of the future.. our destiny.  My take away however is that controlled indoor farming goes against the grain of nature and is thus more energy and resource intensive with its lights, climate control systems, heavy nutrient inputs, and purposeful carbon dioxide releases to increase crop production. The ideas presented in The Great Nutrient Collapse coalesce this thinking for me as increased production, sadly and inevitably has a price.

On a personal level it is important to keep eating vegetables and wild foods as they are still the most nutritious substances we can fortify our bodies with.  Knowing the source of your food is more important than ever, but not the end all solution. On an individual level maintaining the awareness that achieving optimal health may require herbs and/or supplement support regardless of how healthy one strives to be in today's world, seems our new reality.

When I started my health practice in 2004 the youthful vision I had was to motivate and support individuals to greater health so these effects could ripple out to the world beyond.  I have to say I feel at a loss to live up to this vision, but can only continue to support you and do the best I can...

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