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Larry and Jen Landry pursue a

frugal, subsistence oriented life

in Gustavus. 

We grow all our vegetables and sell

produce locally, hunt and fish for all

our meat, gather berries for fruit

and heat with wood.

Jen is a professional herbalist

and grows a variety of

medicinal and culinary herbs.

Would you like to see a slice

of Alaska living?

People visiting our home will get a

real sense of the pleasures and

challenges of living from the land

Alaska style, how much food it

takes to feed a couple for a year,

what can be grown here, food

preservation techniques, the large

amount of work involved, all in a

beautiful setting at the end of Rink

Creek road.

Tours available

Sundays through Thursdays.

Call 907-460-4589 to schedule a visit.

Price $40.00 person for 1-2 people.

$25/person over that.

Group rates available.



Jen and Larry lined two canoes

loaded with a winter's supplies to

an uninhabited log cabin over 100

miles from the nearest village.

There we settled in for the long

winter--fixing up the cabin, picking

berries, hunting moose and small

game, bucking up firewood with an

ax and bow saw, exploring the


Winter’s starkness lent poignancy

to our solitude, ever shortening

days punctuated by not seeing the

sun for over two months,

intensecold, amplified by grappling

with hunger when our food supplies

ran low.

Through it all we reveled in the

most profound sense of tranquility

and freedom that we have ever

experienced.  We floated out after

breakup in May.

Although getting there was

simpler--plane and boat--we spent

another winter on a remote

homestead at the tip of the Alaska

Peninsula, a place of extraordinary

beauty and wildlife, with foul

weather to match.

Slides and stories of life in the

Alaska wilds.

Contact 907-460-4589 to arrange

your small group viewing.

Steller Botanical Health Jen Landry RH(AHG), Dipl ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA-CP, FDN-P 1920 Gustavus Road Gustavus, Alaska 99826 907-209-6180