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I believe in pursuing one's passions,

living with intention and intensity,

& contributing to net positivity in the world.

Are health issues preventing you from being and doing your best?

or contributing to the greater good?

Often diet and lifestyle changes create positive outcomes

bringing renewed energy and focus

Sometimes there's more going on...

deeper metabolic issues

that benefit from a professional perspective

I will listen to you

and create a comprehensive plan with you

so you can achieve your health goals

and then move on to your bigger aspirations.


There is a lot of information out there,

a lot of products for sale,

but very little precise detail available

about what is best for YOU .

A common problem is that many people try to use

herbs and supplements to treat their symptoms,

but chasing symptoms often does not get

lasting results.

Herbs and supplements perform their best

when customized to your unique situation and

with consideration to other possible nutrient

and drug interactions.

I’m here to help make a comprehensive plan for your

optimal health!

Schedule a Free 20 minute introductory meeting to see

if we are a good match to work together.  

Long distance consultations accepted.



Remember a time when you had more energy?

Or you could eat anything?

Or felt mentally nimble enough to keep track of all

kinds of appointments and details? 

Symptoms that accumulate slowly over time, can be

perplexing as there may be nothing medically wrong.

Your doctor may feel that you are healthy and routine

lab tests show nothing to be alarmed at

yet you know that you have felt better and

want to feel that way again. 

Over time many of us have made choices that

compromised  our health in order to just get through

certain periods of life.

Doing the things you decided were important likely

pushed the limits, cumulatively depleting your reserves.

For instance, skipping meals in order to get tasks done

can cause distress to multiple body sytems leading to

symptom like fatigue, blood sugar highs and lows, to

brain fog, and insomnia.

Perhaps its time to re-evaluate your goals

and rebalance your body.  

Are you ready to feel empowered to make

healthy dietary and lifestyle choices?

Are you ready to re-invest in your health?

Contact us to schedule your FREE introductory consult :


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