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redefining nutrition to include the food you eat

your connections to

your food...

AND SO much more


Gustavus, Alaska


Are you ready to dive deep into not just how you eat...

but the why behind your choices?

why do you crave certain things?

Ready to learn more about nutrition, growing, gathering or preserving your own food...and discover the body-mind-spirit connection?

The food on your plate is just the beginning!

Your Belly is Your Garden

Connecting Nutrition & Wholeness

Diets are often associated with conflicting opinions, restrictions, guilt, and often feelings of failure.

We believe in connection. Food is a life affirming process. If you have ever grown a garden, you have experienced the amazing miracle of a seed transforming into a beautiful plant.  

Food is an opportunity for connection and wholeness. Connection to land or place

Connection to a farms or farmers

Connection to businesses aligned with your values

Gratitude for life nourishing energy

Awareness of how food affects your mood

Life affirming and strengthening for body-mind- and spirit

The goal of Steller Botanicals is to transform the way you think of nourishment, and to help you feel more nourished and in alignment with your being and the world around you. 

Transform Your Life Now

We are a small Alaskan business whose mission is:


Transformational Nutrition

A modern approach to nutrition that empowers you to view the food on your plate as only one aspect of your nutrition, your physical nutrition.

True health is achieved by physical nutrition yes, AND by also engaging with and cultivating one's emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment.

Are you ready to explore your life goals and learn empowerment and tools you need to live the life you truly crave?

We will help you make a realistic plan to achieve your health goals naturally. These days it is so common to be overwhelmed by information and stressed by "to do" lists, together we can get you focused on what is most important for your health today, so that you can feel and be your best, starting today!


Cultivate Alaska Grown Botanicals

We love experimenting pushing the limits of which plants we can cultivate in our northern climate.

We use organic gardening methods to cultivate over 50 species of medicinal and culinary herbs. We also harvest wild plants with sustainability and ethics at the forefront of our use.

Jen has extensive training and experience as a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (RH, AHG).

We provide high quality herbal ingredients to:

SENTINEL COFFEE in Juneau, Alaska


and the Gustavus Tea Company


Increase Alaska's Food Security

More than most places, rural Alaska is susceptible to supply chain issues. Getting food to 'the end of the earth' in Gustavus require multiple freight carriers and a large carbon footprint of travel miles.

Our locally grown vegetables, berries, and herbs are bursting with flavor and nutrition and are available at peak freshness at our shop 1-2 x week. We supply produce to the Bear Track Inn.

The survival of our farm depends on treating our land with integrity, recognizing the soil as a living organism and building fertility and resilience.

We provide goods, services and technical advice enabling and inspiring people to grow wholesome, nutrient dense foods while fostering an understanding of holistic gardening concepts. We want more Alaskans to have the know-how and tools to grow and preserve as much of their own food as possible


  • Vegetables, berries, fruit, and herbs... are grown with love and intention in our gardens.

  • Herbs are processed with care and stored with attention to detail to preserve their full flavor and essence in our herbal apothecary.

  • Herbal formulas are crafted in small custom batches for clients or practitioners.

  • From seed to product, respect and consideration flow through every step of our process


Benefits of Alaska Grown Products

Support your friends and neighbors and keep small businesses alive by purchasing Alaskan Grown Products. Most foods and herbs on the market today, even from the most reputable companies, are sourced globally. As with food we have come to expect herbs to be a cheap commodity and so they often come from places with cheap labor and vague standards. It takes time to grow, weed, harvest, and process herbs. We work hard to:

  • Create and perpetuate healthy soil and soil organisms

  • Harvest sustainably, from the wild and in our gardens.  By growing medicinal herbs we reduce demands on wild populations

  • Foster biodiversity, creating a reservoir for at risk plants and food for pollinators.

  • Support small, local and bioregional businesses.



supporting healthy gardens

and supplying nutritious produce


 We also sell produce and some of our products on Salt and Soil Marketplace in Juneau.  

Gustavus Grown Farm Store

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